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Monday, February 09, 2009

Love is the reason the sun magically shines
putting the truth brightly between our lines
for the eyes to see , for the ears to hear
bringing joy for every miserable dear

love is where unbreakable honesty lies
it's the immortal heart of true sacrifice
love is why our soul fights to live
it's the reason why grudges forgive

love is how we learn to worry , to care
the source of strength for when we dare
love is the loud voice of mankinds justice
love is a faith , a gift , a hopeful bless

love is how we stay up all cold nights
with tears crawling, yearning for others sight
love is how we hold on , how we believe
love is but destiny , not a goal to achieve

love is what I figured out when I fell for you
what good things you made me feel through
love is what you taught to the rich me
for love is not you ,not me . Love simply is We


  • At 10:40 AM , Blogger Rhys said...

    Diky Kate,

    For sharing with us this beautiful qoutation:))and nice pix too. I couldn't have expressed my feelings any better:)as that's so true:)Having love in ones life and being cared for really is a great treasure and i hope something warm and inspiring will come to your heart:)

    Have a lovely week and best wishes for your well being, training and life!

    Best wishes,



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