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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dnes taková pohodovka:
30 min orbitrack

Veslování 12/30 10/40 10/50 10/60
Mrtvý tah 10/60 10/60 8/100 6/120 4/120 1/140 10/60
Přítahy činky k pasu 4x10/60
Stahování kladky na hrudník 4x8
Kladka před tělem 3x10

Zkracovačky 5x15
Sedleh 4x10
Přítahy kolen k pasu 3x12


  • At 5:42 PM , Anonymous Braziliam EXFan!!! said...

    Hello Kat!
    Passing to desire happinesses!
    I am Half sad, feeling me an idiot in "dressing its shirt" and supports. But not dumb nothing the part in wanting to see you very well. If is to cheers blindly prefers my team of soccer Flamengo hahahahaa

    Good bye.

    Kisses in nose!

    *January i will see the english version also.


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