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Friday, October 10, 2008

10.9. dnešní trénink prsou jsem se zaměřila na těžký bench a zbytek lehce i bicepsy dnes jen s malou váhou více opáček.....z benche jsem měla ohromnou radost, pže jsem ani nečekala kolik té síly ve mně je:o)

30min kolo/bicycle

60kg/132lbs x 10
70kg/154lbs x 8
80kg/176lbs x 6
90kg/198.4lbs x 5
100kg/220lbs x 4
100kg/220lbs x 4
110kg/242.5lbs x 2
110kg/242.5lbs x 2
115kg/253.5lbs x 1..osobáček :o)
115kg/253.5lbs x 1
80kg/176lbs x 6
60kg/132lbs x 10

Tlaky na šikmé lavici na multipressu/Incline Smith Machine benchpress
40kg/88lbs x 10
3 x 45kg/99lbs x 8

Rozpažování přes kladky/Cable Flyes 4 x 8reps

Bicepsový zdvih s vč/Barbell Curl 4 x 20kg/44lbs x 15reps
Scotova lavice/Machine Preacher Curl 4x12

Stahování kladky/Cable Crunch 3 x12
Zkracovačky na míči se závažím/Ball Crunches 3 x10
Zvedání nohou na fitballu/Ball Reverse crunch 3 x 10

odpoledne: pohodička na bruslích :o)
20min kolo/bicycle
20min orbitrack
15min veslování/rowing
20min strečink


  • At 5:03 PM , Blogger Rhys said...

    Hi Katka:)

    WOW!!! Those are awesome stats for bench press. So tell me is 115Kg your 1 rep max as i think that's great going and you are one strong gal for sure!

    Keep up the great work and have continued belief in yourself.
    Btw, i would like to send you some sponsorship money so i would be more than happy if you could tell me what i should do as i realise fbb's don't earn so much money in this sport. And i want to continue to support you with your goals and endeavours.

    Have a great weekend and best wishses to you princess:)


  • At 7:10 AM , Blogger Kate Kyptova said...

    Rhys, it would be wonderfull....if you are seriously...i will you write email about your support,ok?


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