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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

45min orbitrack


Back Flyes 4 x 10

Barbell Press behind Neck
30kg/66lbs x 10
40kg/88lbs x 8
45kg/99lbs x 6
45kg/99lbs x 6

Dumbbell Press
22kg/48.5lbs x 10
24kg/52.9lbs x 8
26kg/57.3lbs x 6
26kg/57.3lbs x 6

Front Cable Raise 3 x 10

Lateral Raise 3 x 10kg/22lbs x 10

Biceps Barbell curl
4 x 30kg/66lbs x 6 - 8

Hammer curl
16kg/35lbs x 10
18kg/35lbs x 10
18kg/39.7lbs x 8
20kg/44lbs x 8

+ Abs


  • At 4:50 PM , Blogger Rhys said...

    WOAH Kathy!!

    Those are quite impressive lifting stats and clearly shows that you are getting stronger which is nice to hear:))) Thanks for taking the time to write your training plan as it serves as inspiration for me to try to follow this myself, that is if it doesn't kill me half way through, lol!!!

    Thanks also for inviting me as a friend on your facebook as it would be lovely to see what future plans you have to compete and someday it would be nice to meet up with you as i think your the best:))an athlete who possesses true potential to make it all the way to the top:)

    All the very best,


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